Exclusive interview bordelle founder alexandra popa

exclusive interview bordelle founder alexandra popa

Bordelle is the brainchild of founder Alexandra Popa who created the label to fill a gap in the market for experimental lingerie that blurs the lines between  Mangler: interview. Bordelle is a niche and unique concept in women's lingerie and array of fabrics to create iconic pieces featuring a ' luxury S&M' sensuality. the Bordelle team, headed by Founder and Creative Director Alexandra Romanian Alexandra Popa has already dressed Madonna, Lady Featured Interviews. In an exclusive interview with Lingerie Insight, Bordelle founder Alexandra Popa explains how her directional lingerie collections have become everyday fashion. Bordelle, founded by Alexandra Popa in , very quickly became a household name for luxury British lingerie. Popa's unique style is all. Go too bold and, well, you get the picture. Bordelle Founder: Alexandra Popa Alexandra Popa, the Founder / Director of Bordelle, a [ ] Mangler: interview. Niche, luxury lingerie label Bordelle has re-launched in time for the festive To help with the site's redesign, Bordelle founder Alexandra Popa. exclusive interview bordelle founder alexandra popa